The 2017 ICRA Annual Conference will be held in the Castletroy Hotel in Limerick on Saturday, March 4th from 10:30am onwards.

But you can come down and register at the conference reception

Theme: We Must Talk About Cruiser Racing

Under this heading this year’s conference promises to be an exciting discussion on the hot topics surrounding the world of Cruiser Racing in Ireland today. The format of the discussion will be an open floor Q&A session chaired by Denis Kiely.

ICRA would like to hear your voice on the state of cruiser racing in your club. We hope that sharing of information from the people on the ground will help us all find ways to encourage and develop cruiser racing within our own clubs.

We would also take the opportunity to update you on developments by ICRA including Crew Point and launching a grant scheme to assist clubs in providing approved Cruiser Racing Training Programmes.

The conference will also include guest speaker Prof. O’Connell on ‘Winning a World Championship’ and Mike Urwin from RORC sharing his insights on the IRC world today.

The presentation for ICRA Boat of the Year 2016 will take place towards the end of the conference.

ICRA is your national association and we want to hear your views on how ICRA is doing and how it should develop for the future – we would like to see and hear from you on March 4.

We hope to see you there!


This agenda is not yet final and some additions/changes may take place

Time (approx.)Item
10:30Registration & Welcome – Simon McGibney (ICRA Commodore)
10:35Introductions – Simon McGibney
10:45National Crew Training Project – Norbert Reilly
11:00Review of Cruiser Racing – Denis Kiely
Participation Level Trends
Round Table Discussion
13:00Training Grant Scheme – Colin Morehead / Denis Kiely
13:20Crewpoint – Simon McGibney
14:30Guest Presentation: Winning a World Championship – ‘Prof.’ O’Connell
15:10Guest Presentation: IRC – Mike Urwin (Technical Consultant RORC Rating)
15:50ICRA National Cruiser Championships 2017 – Paul Tingle (RCYC)
16:05ICRA Association Update – Simon McGibney
16:15ICRA Boat of the Year Presentation – Simon McGibney



As you may be aware the Irish Cruiser Racing Association [ICRA] is the body charged by the ISA with responsibility for the promotion and development of cruiser racing in Ireland and the invitation is extended in that context.

For some time we in ICRA have watched with growing concern the decline of cruiser racing at club level especially in clubs where cruiser racing was, even in recent times, the centrepiece of the club’s sailing program.  It appears that this is no longer the case.  Levels of participation in regular club sailing appear to be in dramatic and continuing decline.  This should be a matter of concern to all concerned with the strength and future of our clubs.

The purpose of the meeting will be to examine the situation on the ground in every club represented at the meeting and then to consider ways and means of addressing the situation.

In pursuit of this vision ICRA has already taken the decision to establish a training grant scheme of €1000 per club to support clubs that establish a cruiser racing training program approved by ICRA.

ICRA’s vision is to introduce the idea of coaching and practice to the existing cruiser fleet.  We want whole boat training and practice to be an integral part of the annual cruiser racing program on an organised systematic fleet wide basis in every cruiser club.    What is needed is a systematic approach across all cruiser clubs to make training and practice an integral part of every boat’s sailing program and every club’s sailing program – it must be systematic and structured, time and effort and money needs to be spent by everybody involved – sailors, skippers and clubs – to make this happen.

ICRA does not say that if this proposal is adopted by clubs that it will of itself be a cure all but we believe that it is fundamental to any prospect of reversing the decline in club cruiser racing.


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