In accordance with the Notice for an ICRA Annual General Meeting there is a requirement to form a new Executive Committee.  Any member who wishes to stand as a member of the executive is encouraged to put forward their candidacy by completing the form below and submitting it no later than 1 week before the meeting (Saturday 22 February 2020 at 2.30pm.).  Any member putting their candidacy forward needs to be proposed and seconded by members.  The completed form signed by proposer and seconder, plus a copy of their current (2019 or 2020) IRC or ECHO cert need to be brought to the AGM.  The current committee will endeavour to make list of candidates that have put themselves forward made available on the website 3 days before the event. The AGM will take place on Saturday 29th February after the Annual Conference at the Royal Irish Yacht Club in Dublin.

ICRA Executive Nomination Form

As part of the nomination process, for those that wish to become part the ICRA executive, they need to fill in the form below, but also print a copy of the form and get it signed by the proposer and the seconder.

Executive Committee Nomination

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