ICRA Announces Crew Recruitment and Training Programme

The Irish Cruiser Racing Association (ICRA) represents 4,300 keel boat sailors. In its efforts to attract new sailors to cruiser racing ICRA will launch a nationwide ‘Crew Recruitment and Training Programme’. The objective of this programme is to:

  1. Create a pathway to get on to a racing yacht.
  2. Promote  local training.
  3. Provide a national standard for the various positions (mast, bow, trim, helm, etc.)

ICRA is working with the ISA and yacht clubs all over Ireland under the banner  ‘More Sailors…More Sailing’.   This project is open to all levels of sailors from those interested in mid-week social racing, right up to a position on the Irish Commodores Cup Team.

Initial roll out of the programme will take place on April 21st at Howth Yacht Club, where 120 slots are available that day on the ISA J80 yachts. This will consist of both water and shore based sessions lead by top Irish sailors.

On the water, sailors can try different positions on the boat, and those new to the sailing world will see a race boat in operation and get to work in a number of positions. Shore sessions will give an overview of specific roles on the boat and the training programme for same. You will be directed towards a specific session but there is an option to attend more than one. There will be a number of Hi Tech race boats on the Marina which will be delighted to show you around.

The objectives of this first session are:

1. To establish/open a link between new and experienced sailors to the racing boats
2. To allow non or very inexperienced sailors a chance to go out on a racing yacht and also
attend a shore session where they will get an overview of the position that the coach suggests most suitable.
3. Allow crew who have already sailed to try out all positions on the boat…including helm, and then attend relevant shore session which will list in detail an overview of a particular position…..lets see how good a main trimmer you could be!!

[quote]Shore sessions will be run by the Best in the Country!!  At the end you will have a good insight into the role of a Racing Crew and we are sure you will be mad keen to come racing with us!!![/quote]

For those who are interested in learning more about this programme, you can register your interest by clicking the button below and we will get back to you at the beginning of March with further details.

[button link=”https://cruiserracing.ie/training-programmes/training-programmes-interest-register/” type=”big” color=”green”] Register your interest now![/button]


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