Sovereigns Cup – Day 1 – A Day of Snakes and Ladders!


Helious – The Greek God of the Sun looked favourably on the opening day of the Covestone Asset Management Sovereign’s Cup today.  Aeolous the wind God took a little time to get to the start line but after a modest delay the wind filled in and steadied from the south and the event commenced with what can only be described as champagne sailing.

British visitor Impetuous was first out of the starting blocks and shot to the top of the leader board of Class Zero at the end of Race 1. This result combined with their third place finish in Race Two leaves Richard Filde’s Corby 37 in joint first position at the end of Day One – to go nicely with the onboard birthday celebrations from earlier in the day. Keronimo the English Ker 40 was first over the finish line and ended up with a respectable 4th on corrected time in the first race. Andy William’s boat produced a podium finish in the second race to leave him lying in third place overall.  Kieran Twomey’s Gloves Off is keeping the home flags flying in joint first place with two second places.

RIYC Visitor Leslie Parnell finished in first place in Race One in Class 1 on his First 34.7 Black Velvet- that’s a lot of firsts!!  Dublin Boats dominated the first three places in Race 1.  The second race saw RCYC’s D-Tox taking the honours with John Maybury’s J109 Joker 2 taking second place leaving him in seconnd place overall.  Black Velvet finished seventh in the second race leaving them in third place at the end of the day’s racing.  EOS is the leading local boat lying fourth overall.  This 16 boat fleet looks to be setting itself up for some close competition over the coming days.

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