Follow Full Irish on the Generali Solo 2013

Follow David Kenefick’s performance on the Generali Solo 2013.

After a full debut season on the French professional offshore solo sailing circuit, Cork’s young David Kenefick has been punching above his weigh at the weekend in one of the last tests of the 2013 season. The 22–year–old Royal Cork sailor, who completed the arduous Figaro circuit in July and the Fastnet in August, he is currently 13th inoverall classification of the Generali Solo series. Kenefick took eighth in a fleet of 17 on Friday in the event’s Grand Prix, prompting some to suggest Kenefick as a front runner for the solo circuit’s coveted ‘Rookie of the Year’ award. You can follow David’s progress on the last stage of the Generali Solo on the online tracker.

[box]Latest: Congratulations are in order for David Kenefick after his performance on the Generali Solo 2013. A solid performance from David during the inshore races in Sete he retains 12th place overall in the regatta, but more importantly he is crowned Top Rookie of 2013. Well done.

Here is his account of the final days of racing.

“Well Friday and Saturday have been the last two days of racing in this event. Four inshore races in Sete, always building breezes and always close racing. I was in the mix for all races in spite of some mediocre starts, top five at first mark on two occasions. The natural order, the natural hierarchy has been established after three weeks of racing, three long offshore legs and more than a dozen inshore races. I finished 12th overall and that result plus my Solitaire du Figaro result sees me crowned top Rookie on the 2013 Figaro Circuit. I am not unhappy with that at all. Bring on 2014. Between no and then a lot of work on the areas I have learnt are important. Thanks for all your support and stay tuned for more news soon. David.”[/box]

David’s team are posting updates on his facebook page.

Their photo stream is packed with great pics. Here are some that they sent us on Saturday (Oct 5).






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