March 2018 ICRA Executive Meeting Minutes

Immediately after the Extraordinary General Meeting that took place on Wednesday 21 March 2018 at the Maldron Hotel, Portlaoise, a meeting of the new executive was called with the objective of appointing the officers and start assigning the areas of responsibility and next steps.  The following were Officers and areas of responsibility were assigned:

Hon. Secretary:
Hon. Treasurer:
Strategic Planning:
Offshore / ISORA:
Irish Sailing:
Simon McGibney
Richard Colwell
Cxema Pico
John Leech
Richard Morris
Colin Morehead
Mark Mills
Peter Ryan
Rob McConnell
Rory Carberry

During the meeting a review of future ICRA Nationals hosting and allocation process was agreed together with a review of the internal communications and meeting structure, as well as commencing work on the areas of responsibility and to continue the work started at the workshop that took place in  January 20, 2018.

Meeting minutes can be downloaded for review.


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