IRC Notice 2018/01 RRS 49.2

With effect from 23 March 2018, in IRC 2017 and 2018 Rules, insert new rule modifying RRS49.2:

Add IRC rule 22.6:

22.6 Crew Position
22.6.1 RRS 49.2 is modified by deleting “sitting on the deck” in the second sentence.

The reason for this addition is that:
It is not unusual for crew sitting on the rail to be supported only at their upper legs when hiking facing outboard. The term “sitting on the deck” is difficult to define and to avoid unnecessary and difficult protests a simple and effective solution is to remove this requirement from RRS 49.2 while maintaining the original intention of:

a. When there are two lifelines, competitor facing outboard with their waist inside the lower lifeline may have the upper part of his body outside the upper lifeline.
b. Lifelines shall be taut (by the OSR definition)

The RRS 86.1(c) permits Class Rules to change RRS 49.
The IRC 2017 Rule is included for those countries still racing under IRC 2017 until 31st May 2018.

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