ICRA Nationals 2023 Day 1 Update

Fleet becalmed off Howth on opening day of monday.com ICRA National Championships

monday.com ICRA National Championships 2023

Howth, Co. Dublin, 8 September 2023: Youth Under 25 crews waiting for wind on their J24 class boats at the monday.com ICRA National Championships at Howth Yacht Club. Photograph: David Branigan/Oceansport

At the monday.com ICRA National Championships at Howth, light winds failed to develop into a racing breeze for the bulk of the 70-strong fleet gathered from around the country.

Just the J24 class competing for their national championship secured a brief two lap course under principal race officer Derek Bothwell.

Haze and fog from early morning didn’t clear despite one of the warmest days of the year which might have allowed a sea breeze to develop.

The schedule continues on Saturday with the possibility of similar conditions though the balmy weather is forecast to break by Sunday.

“There’s nothing anyone could have asked of the race management teams today that would have made a difference,’ commented David Cullen, Commodore of the Irish Cruiser Racing Association. “After four hours at sea waiting for wind, the correct call was made and everyone was happy to head back to Howth Yacht Club.”


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