ICRA BOTY 1. SCORING A boat’s Boat of the Year Score for a calendar year shall be the sum of the boats Event Scores from the events listed in ICRA BOTY 2. held in that year.

A boat’s Event Score for a given event shall be its best Division Score from that event multiplied by the events Event Weighting.

A boat’s Division Score shall be based on its overall series placing in an IRC division at the event: 3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, 1 point for 3rd

NieulargoDun Laoghaire 2 Dingle Yacht RaceClass 016
Juggerknot IIDun Laoghaire 2 Dingle Yacht RaceClass 116
Desert Star Irish Offshore SailingDun Laoghaire 2 Dingle Yacht RaceClass 216
Rockabill VIDun Laoghaire 2 Dingle Yacht RaceClass 024
Cinnamon GirlDun Laoghaire 2 Dingle Yacht RaceClass 124
HumdingerDun Laoghaire 2 Dingle Yacht RaceClass 224
FreyaDun Laoghaire 2 Dingle Yacht RaceClass 024
IndianDun Laoghaire 2 Dingle Yacht RaceClass 132
GambitDun Laoghaire 2 Dingle Yacht RaceClass 232
SnapshotSovereigns CupClass 114.5
Artful DodgerSovereigns CupClass 123
StormSovereigns CupClass 131.5
Coracle VISovereigns CupClass 214.5
King OneSovereigns CupClass 223
CortegadaSovereigns CupClass 231.5
YaGottaWannaSovereigns CupClass 314.5
SupernovaSovereigns CupClass 323
BonJourno! Part DeuxSovereigns CupClass 331.5
SamatomSovereigns CupClass 014.5
NieulargoSovereigns CupClass 023
Jump JuiceSovereigns CupClass 031.5
Slack AliceSovereigns CupWS114.5
Prince of TidesSovereigns CupWS123
ValfreyaSovereigns CupWS132
ShilleaghSovereigns CupWS214.5
Gunsmoke 2Sovereigns CupWS223
Miss CharlieSovereigns CupWS232
KayaCalves WeekClass 014.5
Antix BeagCalves WeekClass 123
Jelly BabyCalves WeekClass 131.5
Red CloudCalves WeekClass 214.5
CortegadaCalves WeekClass 223
3 CheersCalves WeekClass 231.5
EaluCalves WeekClass 314.5
SnoopyCalves WeekClass 323
Repo8Calves WeekClass 331.5
BonJourno! Part DeuxCalves WeekClass 414.5
Seven WhistlerCalves WeekClass 423
Shelly DCalves WeekClass 431.5
Prince of TidesCalves WeekWS114.5
IndulgenceCalves WeekWS123
AislingCalves WeekWS131.5
TsunamiDBSC ThursdayClass 013
Rockabill VIDBSC ThursdayClass 022
El PockoDBSC ThursdayClass 031
ChimaeraDBSC ThursdayClass 113
Joker IIDBSC ThursdayClass 122
Something ElseDBSC ThursdayClass 131
RupertDBSC ThursdayClass 213
RuthlessDBSC ThursdayClass 222
WindjammerDBSC ThursdayClass 231
CartoonDBSC ThursdayClass 313
KryptonDBSC ThursdayClass 322
StarletDBSC ThursdayClass 331
BoomerangDBSC ThursdayWS113
RunAwayDBSC ThursdayWS122
State O'ChassisDBSC ThursdayWS213
Prima LuceDBSC ThursdayWS222
The Great EscapeDBSC ThursdayWS231
Rockabill VIISORA Coastal SeriesClass 013
AureliaISORA Coastal SeriesClass 022
Hot CookieISORA Coastal SeriesClass 031
IndianISORA Coastal SeriesClass 113
OutrajeousISORA Coastal SeriesClass 122
Juggerknot IIISORA Coastal SeriesClass 131
More MischeifISORA Coastal SeriesClass 213
Black VelvetISORA Coastal SeriesClass 222
A PlusISORA Coastal SeriesClass 231

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