Since the very first Nationals in Howth yacht club in 2004 a fundamental policy of the ICRA National Cruiser Championships has been that they would not be held by one or two clubs but that they would rotate in turn to all the sailing regions of the country; that rotation to reflect in an approximate way, the number of cruisers racing in each region.  As a consequence of this policy the championships have been held in Kinsale, Tralee, Crosshaven, Dublin Bay and Howth – see table for details.  Next year, for the first time in their 16 year history, the championships are being held in the heart of the West coast in Galway Bay hosted by WIORA and Galway Bay Sailing Club.

We are currently seeking expressions of interest for the years 2021 to 2026

In continuing pursuit of its policy, ICRA is always interested in hearing from other regions and clubs that aspire to host the Irish Cruiser Racing Nationals. In particular it has been part of that policy to hold the event in the North at a suitable time and venue and ICRA would welcome an expression of interest from there as well as from other sailing areas.

List of Irish Cruiser National Championships Rotation

2020Royal Cork YCSouthTBD
2019Royal St George YCEastLate August
2018Galway Bay SCWestThursday 16th to Saturday 18th of August

Past editions of the Irish Cruiser National Championships

2017Royal Cork YCSouthResults 2017
2016Howth YCEastResults 2016
2015Kinsale YCSouthResults 2015
2014Royal Irish YCEastResults 2014
2013Tralee Bay SCWest
2012Howth YCEast
2011Royal Cork YCSouth
2010Royal St George YCEast
2009Tralee Bay SCWest
2008Howth YCEast
2007Royal Cork YCSouth
2006Royal Irish YCEast
2005Kinsale YCSouth
2004Howth YCEast

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