Stemming from a well attended conference a plan for 2015 is being put together. The conference with representatives from Boats, Crew, Clubs and the Marine Industry saw a number of presentations by North Sails, UK/ Mc Williams Sails, ICRA Commodores Cup Team and INSS.


ICRA is working with the ISA to produce a Full Race Training programme for keel boats. The project will involve a number of leading sailors, coaches, sailing schools etc. It  is a two year plan which will result in a full Audio Visual training for all sailors. Clubs are a critical part of the project and it will provide an Irish National Standard which all can use to promote sailing and train their coaches.

It is also planned to have a Professional Training Menu/Programme whereby clubs can get specific one or two day professional courses in their Mast Man…. Main Trim, etc

As a sample, INSS Kenny Rumball gave a presentation on his Race Training Programme. ICRA appreciates the efforts of other institutions that contribute to growing the number of racing crews.

ICRA also supports initiatives that allow the access of people unfamiliar with sailing to the sport and by extension to racing keelboats. The continued roll out of initiatives such as Crew Point is seeing as an essential contributor to enable access by Club Members and others to get onto race boats.

Crew Search

Following some research the production of an application to enable crew management and finding is been progressed by a third party currently building a prototype. It was agreed that ICRA will support this development by becoming early adopters and making the application available to our members free of charge.

Recruitment…. ICRA Try Sailing Day

Originally piloted in Howth Yacht Club, this module has worked very well in generating interest from people new to sailing. The pilot had 228 individuals registering an interest, resulting on a maximum allocation of 84 people on the day after a selection process. Other clubs are welcome to learn by the experiences of HYC , for which the documentation in relation to the planning, logistics, health and safety and insurance can be made available on request.

This type of event is also very successful to get Corporate Memberships for your club, by getting a local company to take a boat for their own staff.

HYC already scheduled for their next Try Sailing Day for may 2015.

PROS in the sport.

It was agreed that ICRA continue to support Pros sailing in a controlled/limited way.  Their crewing in the fleet is an important part of training.

Handicap – ECHO

The Handicap system is similar in purpose to Golf Handicap (There would be little golf competition if everyone played off scratch!). Without a vibrant Echo  sailing will loose support/interest from a large % of the fleet. The Echo system is much more powerful that most realise and as a result it is only operated at  basic level in  a lot of clubs.  Denis Kiely will work with the ISA and look into Reviewing and Representing Echo to all.

Boat Of The Year

ICRA Boat of the Year was awarded to the ICRA Commodores’ Cup Team. Representing Ireland at the 2014 event Antix, Quokka and Catapult with sailors from 7 Irish Clubs blew the competition out of the water!!


ICRA’s target is to continue to build on the successes around event management and organisation, but working to achieve a steady flow of new sailors that can cater for the growing demand. We keep a subscription list of those interested in knowing of any developments in cruiser racing in Ireland



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