Marina berths will be available for the duration of the Event. There will be no marina berth fee for boats that are competing in the Event.

The free berthage facility shall be available from Saturday 3rd June until Wednesday 14th June 2017. Berths shall be allocated to each boat by the OA on arrival and are subject to suitable space availability. The provision of berths will be at the discretion of the OA and advanced booking is required. Requests for an advanced berth should be made by confirming with the Marina Manager.

Lifting Facilities

This year full lifting facilities will be available through the following suppliers.

  • Salve Marine is right beside the yacht club in Crosshaven and has a full working boatyard facility as well as a lifting Crane. The Crane has a lifting limit of 4.5ton. Contact Wietze at 087 2601755. Rates vary depending on number of lifts required but in general it would be €175 per boat and and mast lift. Boat only lift €100.
  • Paul Murphy Crane Hire. Paul works out of Kinsale also and so could do the lift in Crosshaven and the lift out at Kinsale. Paul’s rate would be €170 per lift per three boats together. €150 if there were more than three boats. Contact Paul at 087 2659970.
  • Crosshaven Boatyard. There is a full yard facility available with varying rates and times of lifts. Please contact Matt at 021 4831161 for further information…

Please make direct contact with these to finalise your specific lifting requirements.

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