The ICRA Classes are defined in ICRA General Rules: Rule 6.

  • The divisions in each fleet will be on the same race course.
  • Each division will get its own start.
  • Results will be provided for each division and class.
  • Prizes will be awarded for each division.

In accordance with the ICRA GR 6, the following event adjustments will apply:

  • The bottom of Class 3B is raised to 0.880 (from 0.880 to 0.895)
  • The top of Class 4A is raised to 0.879 (from 0.846 to 0.879)
Fleet 0Div. 00A + Option for boats in 0B and 1A
Fleet 1Div. 10B
Fleet 1Div. 21A + 1B + 2A
Fleet 2Div. 32B + 3A + 3B
Fleet 2Div. 44A + 4B
Fleet 2Div. 5Corinthian (Non-Spinnaker)

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