Boat NameExpected TCCSail NumberClubBoat Type
Jump Juice1.104IRL 2007Royal Cork Yacht ClubKer 37
Port of Galway1.051IRL 7386Galway Bay Sailing ClubDehler 37 CR
West Sails1.050IRL 491Galway Bay Sailing ClubMini Transat 6.5 Proto
Freya1.030IRL 5077Kinsale Yacht ClubXp50
NowWhat1.022IRL 9292Royal St George Yacht ClubDubois 33
Nieulargo1.018IRL 2129Royal Cork Yacht ClubGrand Soleil 40 B+C
Joie de Vie1.016GBR 9498RGalway Bay Sailing ClubJ109
Joker 21.013IRL 1206Royal Irish Yacht ClubJ109
Lean Machine1.006IRL 673Galway Bay Sailing ClubJ35
Zallaq1.000IRL 1514RWYCFirst 36.7
Tribal0.997FRA 21711Galway Bay Sailing ClubFarr 31
Hero0.997IRL 7234Royal Western Yacht Club of IrelandHumphrys 3/4 Tonner MOD
Antix Beag0.992IRL 172000Royal Cork Yacht ClubCustom 1720
Jaguar0.985NED 7950Tralee Bay Sailing ClubJ92s
Gambit0.983GBR 3800CFoynes Yacht ClubSigma 33
Elixir0.975IRL 8598Mayo Sailing ClubX372
X-Rated0.972IRL 7066Mayo Sailing ClubX332
Lazybones0.960IRL 1901Mullaghmore Sailing ClubJeanneau 36i
Artful Dodger0.959IRL 3330Kinsale Yacht ClubElan 333
Ruthless0.958IRL 26026National Yacht ClubCorby 26
Miss Whiplash0.953GBR 5453RRoyal Cork Yacht ClubHalf Ton Andrieu
Ibaraki0.944IRL 3864Galway Bay Sailing ClubWesterley GK34 Mod
Crozz0.941IRL 3062Mayo Sailing ClubElan 31
Fusion0.935IRL 2556Howth Yacht ClubCorby 25
Daffodil - Stonehaven Racing0.934GBR 6655RRWYCI & KSCCorby 25
Smile0.932IRL 25007RWYC/GBSCCorby 25
Shonagh0.930TBCMayo Sailing ClubDufour 365
Disaray0.929IRL 487Foynes Yacht ClubDehler 34
RhocStar0.925GBR 6566RGalway Bay Sailing ClubFormula 28
Team NUI Galway0.924GBR 9656RNUIG Sailing ClubBeneteau First Class 8
Christina0.920IRL 9998Garrykennedy Sailing ClubSun Odyssey 32.2
Wardance0.914IRL 1398Mullaghmore Sailing ClubSigma 33
Lady Laura0.914GBR 7028NFoynes Yacht ClubHunter 707
Powder Monkey0.912IRL 4206Tralee Bay Sailing ClubSigma 33
Cri-Cri0.911I 8709Royal Irish Yacht ClubJezequel Quarter Tonner
Movita0.910IRL 1552Mayo Sailing ClubFirst 31
Quest0.906IRL 508Royal Irish Ycht ClubHumpherys Quarter Ton
Gossip0.887IRL 4202Sligo Yacht ClubJ24
Jasper0.886TBCFoynes Yacht ClubJ24
Lady J0.886IRL 2424Foynes Yacht ClubJ24
Hard On Port0.886IRL 4794Royal St George Yacht ClubJ24
Running Tide0.886IRL 874Galway Bay Sailing ClubJ24
Scandal0.886IRL 4212Howth Yacht ClubJ24
Gala Racing0.884IRL 4384Foynes Yacht ClubJ24
Jibe0.883IRL 4252Tralee Bay Sailing ClubJ24
Excalibur0.875FR 278Foynes Yacht ClubWesterly Fulmar
Roamer0.875K5552GBSC/GCSCContessa 32
Battle0.869IRL 5147Foynes Yacht ClubGolden Shamrock
Scorpio IV0.865IRL 3564 YFoynes Yacht ClubSadler 32
Lea Ho0.850IRL 1929Galway Bay Sailing ClubYamaha 29
Poitin0.850IRL 723Foynes Yacht ClubShipman 28
Kerry Dream0.750IRL 37Foynes Yacht ClubKerry Sloop 27
Galway Flyer-GBR 2750RGalway Bay Sailing ClubSJ 320 MOD
Freebird-IRL 1101Mayo Sailing ClubAchillies 9m
Green Monkey-IRL 1754Galway Bay Sailing Club1720
 Last updated August 10, 2018

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