Boat NameExpected TCCSail NumberClubBoat Type
WOW1.129Irl4419Royal Irish Yacht ClubXP44
Forty Licks1.084GBR4041REast Down Yacht ClubFirst 40
Rockabill VI1.054IRL10800Royal Irish Yacht ClubJPK 10.80
Tsunami1.053IRL1484National Yacht ClubFirst 40.7
D-TOX1.043IRL 13500Royal Irish Yacht ClubX-Yacht
Hot Cookie1.041GBR7536RNational Yacht Club Jeanneau Sunfast 3600
HiJacKer1.039TBCDown Cruising ClubKer 32
Yoyo1.036IRL3600Royal St George Yacht ClubSunfast3600
Nieulargo1.025TBCRoyal Cork Yacht ClubGrand Soleil 40 B+C
Bon Exemple1.017GBR8933RRoyal Irish Yacht ClubXP33
Juggerknot 21.017Irl 4214Royal Irish Yacht ClubJ99
Ruth1.017IRL 1383National yacht clubJ109
Gringo1.016IRL 7778National Yacht ClubA35
Prima Luce1.016IRL3504Royal Irish Yacht ClubFirst 35
Outrajeous1.015IRL 9538Howth Yacht ClubJ109
Chimaera1.014IRL2160Royal Irish Yacht Clubj109
Rope Dock - Equinox1.013IRL1206Royal Irish Yacht ClubJ109
Jalapeno1.012IRL5109National yacht ClubJ109
RAPTOR1.012IRL811Royal Irish Yacht ClubMILLS 32 CR
Storm1.011Irl1141HYC / RSCJ109
Indecision1.010IRL 9898Royal Irish Yacht ClubJ109
Indian1.010IRL4007Howth Yacht ClubJ109
White Mischief1.010GBR1242RRoyal Irish Yacht ClubJ109
JustTina1.009IRL 1586National Yacht ClubGrand Soleil 34
Powder Monkey1.007IRL 28898National Yacht ClubJ109
Supergroove0.999GBR4100LArklow Sailing ClubDibley Eagle 8M
Flashback0.984IRL 3470Howth Yacht ClubFirst 34.7
Edenpark0.980irl 1166Royal Irish Yacht Clubjeanneau sun odyssey 36
Antix Beag0.980IRL 17200Baltimore Sailing Club1720 Mod
Rope Dock - Equinox0.978IRL 1332Howth Yacht ClubX332
WINDJAMMER0.974IRL 2597Royal St George Yacht ClubJ97
Lambay Rules0.971IRL 9970Howth Yacht ClubJ97
Mata0.958Irl2794Howth Yacht ClubAndrieu half ton
Jambiya0.957GBR605Royal Irish Yacht ClubJ80
White Lotus0.9561333Howth Yacht ClubElan 333
Checkmate XVIII0.953IRL1502RIYC / HYCHalf Tonner
Harmony0.952IRL 5522Howth Yacht ClubHalf Tonner
Checkmate XV0.94619109Howth Yacht Club / ICRAHalf Tonner
The Big Picture0.944TBCHowth Yacht Clubhalf tonner
ANDANTE0.937IRL 2129Kilmore quay boat clubYamaha 36c
Sapphire0.930Ir3230Howth Yacht ClubOceania 323
Smile0.930IRL 4518RWYCICorby 25
DUX0.925IRL988Howth Yacht ClubX302
Maximus0.9257495Howth Yacht ClubX302
F'n Gr80.924FRA111Carrickfergus Sailing ClubFirst Class 8 Modified
Viking0.921IRL 1103Howth Yacht ClubX302
Rupert0.912IRL4444Royal St George Yacht ClubSigma 33 OOD
ANIMAL0.910IRL 6563Howth Yacht ClubFormula 28
Black Sheep0.910IRL5795TBCMustang 30
Insider0.908IRL4444Howth Yacht ClubSigma 33
Cri-Cri0.905ITA 8709Royal Irish Yacht ClubQuarter Tonner
Lady Rowena0.905IRL34218RSGYCSadler 34
Starlet0.901ITL250007Royal St George Yacht ClubHunter Formula 28
Black Velvet0.8936998Royal Irish Yacht ClubBeneteayu First 34.7
Kilcullen0.887IRL 680Howth Yacht ClubJ24
Scandal0.887IRL 4212TBCJ24
Janx Spirit0.886IRL 3112Tralee Bay Sailing ClubJ24
Running Wild0.884GBR732RRoyal St George Yacht ClubImpala 28
GALA RACING0.882IRL5278Foynes Yacht ClubJ24
Jasper0.8824188Foynes Yacht ClubJ24
Jumpin' Jive0.882IRL 3060Greystones Sailing ClubJ24
Stouche0.882IRL 6136Foynes Yacht ClubJ24
Vespucci0.881IRL1502Royal Irish Yacht ClubDehler 31
Manzanita0.880IRL 48RUYC & Ballyholme YCQuarter Tonner
Pamafe0.880Irl 2855Royal Irish Yacht ClubBeneteau first 285
Demelza0.877IRL 3470Howth Yacht ClubClub Shamrock
Don Giovanni0.876ITA10767howth yacht clubCecarelli Mini Tonner
Dubious0.8711654Royal St George Yacht ClubFirst 28
Show Girl0.850IRE 19323Galway Bay Saililing ClubYamaha 29
Vamoose0.840IRL 1569DBSCFirst 211
Cevantes0.834irl 932Royal St George Yacht ClubContessa 32
Gung-Ho0.832IRL216Royal Irish Yacht ClubSuperSeal 26 FK
Asterix0.8228245NMarinaHunter Sonata
Maranda0.81111Dublin Motor Yacht ClubSenator
FlashTBC2597Wicklow Sailing ClubFormula 28
NYC U25TBCTBCNational Yacht ClubJ80
ElandraTBCIRL4536Royal Irish Yacht ClubSigma 33
 Last updated March 30, 2019

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