What We Are

15 years have passed since a small group of Cork and Dublin sailors met at the Granville Hotel in Waterford to establish the Irish Cruiser Racing Association. In the intervening years ICRA has had great success co-ordinating Irish yacht racing at home and abroad.

In recent years the demands on the association have changed. Irish Sailing too has begun to look to the association to take on a broader role. The association is responding to these changing needs through a refreshed 5 year plan.

Today we share a vision, values, mission and goals grounded in who we are and the focus required of a class association intent on delivering on the core needs of its members.

Embracing Yacht Racing

Our passion is yacht racing

We represent the interest of all boats with an IRC/ECHO cert.

The boats we sail are yachts

We are proud of our sports 300 year history and the depth of sporting challenge it represents.

Our focus is racing (more than just competition)

Yacht racing is a significant challenge and that difficulty gives it worth and authenticity.
Racing provides the personal challenge and communal experience through which our sport delivers enjoyment.

Enjoyment • Fun • Teamwork • Excellence • Integrity • Transparency

Enjoyment and Fun

Derived from success, progression and friendship; enjoyment and fun are at the heart of everything we do.

Teamwork and Excellence

Teamwork is fundamental to our sport. We work together to deliver our mission. We find simple solutions that make things easier and cheaper. We strive for continual improvement, to deliver a unique experience and to benchmark against the best.

Integrity and Transparency

We do what we believe is in the best interest of the sport of yacht racing and sailing as whole. We make our actions accessible and we welcome feedback.

Build Yacht Racing For All

Develop upon the legacy handed to us.

Increase participation in yacht racing in Ireland.

Raise the standard of yacht racing in Ireland.

Make yacht racing accessible.

Protect the environment; upon which our sport is reliant.

Deliver • Coordinate • Support • Entry • Progression

Deliver First Class Nationals

Deliver enjoyable national championships recognised as the pinnacle of competitive yacht racing in Ireland

Coordinate a Calendar of Inshore and Offshore Events

Establish a calendar of regional ICRA events. Liaise with ISORA and the organisers of the Round Ireland and D2D.

Support Yacht Racing in Ireland

Maintain technical standards, encourage best practice, administer national handicap and rating systems, support the wider calendar of events.

Play Our Part in Pathways for Entry and Progression

Under 25s. Adult introduction to yacht racing. From/to white sails racing. Experience seeker to participant. Re-engagement of the burnt out.


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