Crew Point is an initiative that falls under the national effort of getting more people sailing and tries to reinvigorate the uptake to the sport. Cruiser Racing is an attractive proposition to attract people to sailing, specially adults.

Because yacht owners always have the need for crew it should be easy to build the capacity to welcome neophytes onboard. By far it offers a low cost approach to explore sailing as an activity and enjoy the social aspect from the beginning, with a group of people.

The shared experience with a group is always more enjoyable and creates stronger bonds that can last a long time. ICRA recognises that it must play a role in contributing to this national effort and has created Crew Point.

It offers participating clubs a support and a commitment to offer a continuation path in sailing. With a bit of money to cover costs, and our support to create a network of people in clubs working together, we trust we can make a difference.

ICRA will make a bit of money available to your club (€250) to advertise and promote your Crew Point, cover costs, invite people to a meal, etc.

What does my club need to get involved?

  • Sign-up + Nominate

    Sign up to the scheme and nominate your Crew Point representative. We will liaise with them for all matters to do with Crew Point, providing resources, facilitating access and advice.

  • Set up + Plan

    with the basic pack we will help you put together your Crew Point calendar. The logistics and the toolkit your clubs needs to run them

  • Promote + Execute

    With your calendar planned we will prepare online assets that you can use and we will spread the word by any means at our disposal.

  • Share + Grow

    It is all about sharing data, increasing the base of people sailing and try to drive conversions towards you membership

What Next?

In Partnership with Try Sailing 

Hey! We are always looking for people

individuals that want to help grow Cruiser Racing in Ireland

How can you help? Easy. By offering places on their boats to bring new people in to the sport, organise more events, report on their local news, network and attend the ICRA Annual Conference and of course by taking part in the ICRA Nationals every year.


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