The ICRA U25 Support Programme is funded by Irish Sailing and will be provided directly to clubs, to assist in developing their ongoing U25 development system.


ICRA will provide the club with Mentoring and advice on how best to structure their U25 programme. This knowledge is drawn from the real experiences of clubs with already established U25 development programmes.


Capital Funding:

For the next three years, the ICRA support programme will have a limited number of €1,500 Capital Grants available. These grants must be used for the purchase of a club owned keelboat that will be used for a U25 development programme.

Follow On Trickle Funding:

Once a club secures a Capital grant and commits to a U25 development programme. ICRA will continue to support their programmes by providing “Trickle” Grants for each year that their U25 teams stay active on the national racing circuit.


Each year ICRA will provide funding for a dedicated coaching weekend available for all of the U25 teams in Ireland. We aim to provide the U25 teams with direct access to professional coaches and sail makers.  Bringing them together will show them that there is a growing number of young people sailing cruisers in Ireland and offer an opportunity to build  and grow friendships and relationships. Ultimately, a chance to create their own scene within the Irish sailing community.

Annual De-brief Seminar:

At the end of each season, all the ICRA supported U25 Teams and their club Mentors will be invited to attend a dedicated U25 Development Seminar.  This meeting will allow to ICRA gather and collate data from all the club programmes, allow U25 teams to share and swap tips and information and together allow us all to continually develop and adapt the ICRA support programme with a few to creating more and better young sailing teams in Ireland.


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