All Irish Sailing Affiliated Category 1 Clubs are eligible to apply for this support programme.

Please remember, the U25 support programme is funded for new entrant applications upto 2022.  If you feel that your club is not in a position to undertake this programme in the upcoming season, you can apply for support in the following New Entrant rounds in 2022.


How to Apply


– Clubs without existing U25 Programmes

Should your club be interested of availing of this development support programme for the 2021 season.  The committee must submit an “Expression of Interest” letter which briefly outlines your clubs interest in applying for the support programme and its commitment to fulfilling the requirements for the full duration of the support.

Email Expressions of Interest to:  U25@cruiserracing.ie

What type of boat qualifies:
ICRA’s only limitation is that the boat purchased and used for a club’s U25 development programme, must be class that can is regularly raced under the IRC / ECHO rules.
Suggestions: Impala, Hunter 707, J24, Formula 28, J70, J80

ICRA recommends:
The J24 class in Ireland, already a very active U25 scene, has a dedicated U25 officer and is offering a whole range of additional supports for clubs that choose a J24 for their U25 development programme.  We recommend you talk to the J24 Class U25 Officer.


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